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Multigrip Rivets Large Head
Multigrip Countersunk Head Breakstem Rivets Multigrip Large Head Breakstem Rivets Peel Dome Head Breakstem Rivets Peel Large Head Breakstem Rivets Sealed Dome Head Breakstem Rivets Sealed Countersunk Head Breakstem Rivets Sealed Large Head Breakstem Rivets Grooved Dome Head Breakstem Rivets
Blind Rivets are available in a range of lacquer and epoxy paint colours. From black to white and everything in between,  with a range of over 100 RAL colours to choose from, or special colours can be requested to suit your exact requirement.
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Blind Rivets (often referred to as breakstem rivets) allow two or more similar or different materials to be joined together from one side of the application.   Available in a combination of head styles, diameters, grip-ranges and materials, blind rivets are a highly versatile and cost effective, industry proven joining method.   Installation is simple, with tooling ranging from cheap pistol-grip style guns to air-powered placement equipment suitable for production line work.   Applications include, automotive, aerospace, furniture, restoration, sheet metal fabrication etc.
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Zinc S437
Zinc-Nickel Black
Zinc Black
Dome Head Breakstem Rivets Large Dome Head Breakstem Rivets Countersunk Head Breakstem Rivets
DOME HEAD This is the most versatile type of head. It provides enough bearing surface to retain all kinds of materials, except those extremely smooth and brittle.
LARGE HEAD This provides double the bearing area compared to the dome head and offers a great resistance. They are designed for applications where a soft or brittle material is assembled to a rigid support material.
COUNTERSUNK HEAD This type of head allows the riveting of larger thicknesses and is designed to appear as a flat surface, flush with application.
MATERIALS Aluminium Mg (EN AW-6101)  Clear or coloured. Applications in soft materials and with less resistance. Aluminium Mg 2,5 (EN AW-5052)  Clear or coloured. Applications requiring high shear and tensile strength performance. Aluminium Mg 3 (EN AW-5754) Clear or coloured. Applications in soft materials. High corrosion resistance. Aluminium Mg 3,5 (EN AW-5154) Clear or coloured. Used for Standard rivets for all types of applications. Aluminium Mg 5,0 (EN AW-5019) Clear or coloured. Used for Sealed rivets in applications requiring high shear and tensile strength performance. Steel Available in a range of corrosion resistant finishes. Stainless Steel (304, 316) High Corrosion resistance. Copper For thermal and electrical conductivity and applications in soft materials.
STANDARD RIVETS Wide grip range. Ideal when high shear strength is not required. Great variety of materials. Fast, simple with good quality assembly.
Standard Breakstem Rivets
MULTIGRIP RIVETS Covers multiple grip ranges. Good appearance on both sides. Fills the hole perfectly. Especially suitable for working with plastics and thin metal sheets.
Multigrip Breakstem Rivets
PEEL RIVETS Creates a large diameter locking head. Ideal for the use in applications with soft or low resistance materials. Can be used  in oversized holes. Spreads the load and clamping force over a wide area.
Peel Breakstem Rivets Sealed Breakstem Rivets
SEALED RIVETS Moisture and pressure tight. The joints are completely sealed to fluids, avoiding leakage of liquids or vapours. Reduces the risk of electrical problems or vibrations. The mandrel is completely locked within the head.
GROOVED RIVETS This type of rivet does not require a through hole. An excellent  method of joining metal to smooth and fibrous surfaces. Provides a high resistance joint. Ideal for fastening metal surfaces to wood, brick or cement.
Grooved Breakstem Rivets