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Specialist Fasteners for Sheet Metal
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Self-Clinching fasteners provide strong load bearing male or female threads in thin steel and aluminium panels.   Installation is neat and easy, simply locate the fastener into a pre- prepared hole and apply a parallel squeezing force to embed the fastener into the panel.   Self-Clinching fasteners work by utilizing a special clinch feature. When the part is pressed into the hole,  the parent material cold-flows into the clinch feature, effectively locking the fastener into the panel, providing excellent torque-out and push-out performance. Self-Clinching fasteners require a parallel squeezing force to be applied for correct installation. Equally important is the length of time the force is applied. Sufficient time must be allowed for the cold-flow clinching process to work (this is often referred to as the dwell time when installing on a hydraulic press).   Self-Clinching fasteners CANNOT be installed with a hammer blow as the force would only be applied for about a 100th of a second which is insufficient for the cold flow process to work.   If you require help with your application please contact our sales team and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you.
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Avoid some common mistakes by taking a look at our Self-Clinching fastener Do’s and Don’ts page here. Our Self-Clinching fastener problem solving guide can be found here.
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